What is Animation and Motion Graphics?

Animation creates the illusion of movement through rapid sequences of static images. It can be done in 2D format, such as traditional animation with frame-by-frame drawings like Disney cartoons or cutout animation like Cartoon Network designs, as well as in 3D format, like Pixar movies. Films, series, commercials, games, and promotional videos often make use of animation.

The field known as Motion Graphics is based on the art of animating graphic elements such as texts, icons, logos, and infographics. These elements are skillfully animated to convey information effectively, create exciting visual narratives, and add aesthetic appeal to videos. From impressive opening sequences to movie titles, sophisticated corporate videos, and exceptional presentations, all benefit from the possibilities offered by the universe of motion graphics.

Both methods are capable of effectively conveying messages and creating visually engaging stories.

Applications of Motion Graphics

Imagem Virtual specializes in animation and motion graphics, creating visually impactful productions that help our clients stand out in the market.

In TV commercials, especially those known as “motion graphics,” we use this technique to bring life to information and offers that our clients need to communicate to their target audience.

Imagem Virtual can help you stand out visually and attract your target audience. Our greatest technology is creativity, and together we will produce captivating animations.

Whether you need cartoons for films, television, advertisements, or TV programs, we are here to assist you. The quality and dynamics of our animations and motion graphics captivate the audience.

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